Avoiding the pitfalls of the Christmas office party

So your boss announced that the office is closing early so that everyone can head home, get all dolled up and gather in the fancy hotel ballroom to celebrate another year of prosperity and growth. Everyone is looking forward to loosening up and letting their hair down. But while it is a joyous and informal occasion, there are still some rules to abide by if you don’t want to look like a clown come Monday morning.

When liquor flows freely, people tend to overindulge, and loose limbs and loose lips can be a source of embarrassment hours later. So, to ensure that you still have a job after the Yuletide season, here are some pitfalls to skirt and still let the Christmas be merry and bright.

Never drink too much during the office party.

The signs

1. Do not call your boss by his or her first name. He or she signs your paycheque, so they are not your friend. 

2. That sheer one-piece dress that has been hanging in your closet for months that you bought online… should probably stay there on this occasion. Save that hot little number for Stone Love Anniversary or some such high-profile event. Your boss and his colleagues do not need to see your nipple piercings.

Certain outfits are not appropriate for office parties.

3. Avoid being ‘fashionably late’. There is nothing fashionable about it. Usually, the early birds get the best seats and sometimes the best gifts.

4. Do not go off by yourself with that one creepy co-worker who brags about sleeping with everyone. It is not a good look even if nothing happens.

5. Usually at a Christmas party, there is food in abundance. Therefore, do not be the first to enter the buffet line nor the first to go back for seconds.

6. Leave the foil paper and ziplock bags at home. Forget about stocking up on food for the weekend or taking some home for all your children. It not only looks tacky but if a promotion is in the air, such behaviour may get you passed over.

Leave the foil at home. It has no place at the office party.

7. If the DJ switches suddenly from the Stylistics to Spice, it is not wise to then follow the lyrics and go your head top. Abort mission. I repeat: Abort mission!

8. If the email or invite did not specify that you could carry a date or a guest, avoid doing so.

9. Even if there is mistletoe hanging from a doorway, do not kiss your boss. In fact, avoid kissing your co-workers.

10. Do not drink until you are sloppy drunk. Your co-workers may see it as the perfect opportunity to film you and circulate it among the attendees.   

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