Baby found floating in wooden box on Ganges River

The baby was discovered by a man in a boat

A one-month-old baby girl has been discovered floating in a wooden box on Ganges River in India. The baby girl was found in the bushes at the river’s edge by a man in a boat in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

According to The Guardian, the inside of the box was lined with red cloth and contained images of Hindu gods as well as a horoscope giving the date and time of the girl’s birth and name, Ganga – the Hindi word for the holy river.

An investigation has been launched to uncover the circumstances that lead to her being there.

“It is difficult to ascertain how long she had been floating in the river. The boatman heard a sound coming from the box and that’s how he found the baby,” the local police official OP Singh said.

“The baby is fine and is currently receiving medical attention. The government will take care of everything,” Singh said. “We are trying to figure out where she came from.”