Baby on board! Romain Virgo and Elizabeth expecting bundle of joy

Singer Romain Virgo took to Instagram recently to post a picture of himself hugging his wife Elizabeth who is undeniably pregnant.

“Counting all my blessings… Name them one by one… So much joy surrounds me… It’s second to none. 🙏🏾” (Photo: Instagram – Romain Virgo)

Fans immediately began sending messages of congratulations and to call down blessings on the happy couple and their offspring. This news comes just a few months after the couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

A radiant Elizabeth Virgo (Photo: Instagram – Elizabeth Virgo)

For Romain, he too was quick to recognise the blessings that he was receiving in his life by noting that there was so much joy surrounding him and that it was second to none.

The soon to be parents are beaming with joy. (Photo: Instagram – Elizabeth Virgo)

However, there are some persons now wondering if the baby is already here in light of the fact that Romain took a year after to announce his nuptials with Elizabeth.

Notwithstanding, the BUZZ Family sends Romain and his family our heartiest congratulations on this latest development in their lives!