Back to school, Jamaica: Peruse increases access to affordable textbooks

One local business, Peruse Ltd, seeks to transform the way sixth-form and tertiary students source inexpensive educational resources (Photo contributed)

Original Peruse Limited recently opened its doors to provide textbook rentals, online tutoring services and digital literacy skills training to post-secondary students all from the comfort of their homes.

Peruse was launched to support the government’s efforts to secure learning opportunities that optimise equity throughout the education system, and meet the need for affordable resources further highlighted due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We acknowledged that for Jamaica to achieve one of the key objectives mentioned in the Education Sector Plan in Vision 2030 National Plan – a well-resourced educational system – the private sector has to take the lead to create the country we want to see,” said Sheryl-Ann Thomas-Scott, Managing Director of Peruse.

As Peruse’s flagship service, rentals provide students with significantly lower costs for acquiring textbooks for the academic year. Additionally, textbook rentals save students and parents money, time and stress, encourage social distancing during a global pandemic and are eco-friendly.

“Students can easily rent the textbooks they need, for either a semester or school year, have it delivered to their doorsteps islandwide and returned to us via ZipMail with little to no effort,” stated Thomas-Scott.

Sheryl-Ann Thomas-Scott, Managing Director of Peruse (Photo contributed)

With the heightened uncertainty due to COVID-19 and the changes in the classroom delivery methods, the online tutoring services will integrate the 4C learning model (critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and collaboration), and give students access to trained and experienced teachers for study support, CAPE exams preparation and overall academic success starting September 1, 2020.

The way students study and learn is ever-evolving, however, there has to be equity and affordability in the available options to ensure students not only pass subjects but achieve their highest academic potential.

Post-secondary students and their parents from all economic backgrounds can readily access these services by using the website: