Bad habits men tend to overlook if the chick is smoking hot!

If you have ever seen the movie Shallow Hal you will understand that some people live by a superficial code that states that above all else, it is what is on the outside that matters.

Yup, looks trumps personality and overrides character, and beauty outweighs brains every day of the week. When it comes to dating and finding a suitable mate, some individuals are not about getting to know the person behind the make-up, coiffure hair and painted nails. Nope, they want the whole beauty pageant package, and they are not ashamed to say it. In fact, some demand it because what is a little bout of diabetes when you have the sweetest eye candy around town!

The following are a few bad habits that a woman may possess which some men will overlook because she is a certified 10 on the Richter scale. It does not matter that maybe she cannot spell her own name or know her multiplication tables because when she breathes, smiles, twerks, sits, laughs or gets frisky, she looks good doing it.

Chew with mouth open

Having food fly at you is rather gross, but if her lipstick is popping, the sight of the food gets lost in translation.

Nail biting

The whole saliva thing is only sensual in another context. I am just saying.


She swears like one of the guys, but she looks nothing like your homeboy.  

Shopping/running up credit cards

Your bank balance might be in the negative, but there is nothing negative about the effect she has on your libido!


So what if she drinks like a fish, as long as she doesn’t look like a fisherwoman.

Picking her nose

It is unhygienic, but you make her wash her hand before she touches you.

Passing gas

So what? Everybody does it though hers will more likely clear a crowded hall.


It is irritating and disrespectful, but she always says it just innocent fun so you take her at her word.

Talking in a baby voice to get what she wants

It is not cute, but it is not enough of an issue to call her out on it.


Nobody likes a whiner. They drain the joy out of an experience, but if you keep putting something in her mouth then she never gets the chance to start!