Bahamian Alexandria Pinder realises modelling dream

Sandals Royal Bahamian’s Alexandria Pinder looks quite fierce is this very beautiful number.

Alexandria Pinder is a 21- year-old sales agent at Sandals Royal Bahamian assigned to the Island Routes tour desk. That is, however, just one of the many hats Pinder wears, as this multi-faceted, jovial young woman recently strutted away as the second runner-up in the Bahamas Top Model Competition.

The competition, which is the island’s version of the famed America’s Next Top Model, presents opportunities for growth for young ladies who wish to pursue modelling professionally.

“The person I am today, making a mark in all my areas of interest, including modelling, is mainly due to Sandals.”

— Alexandria Pinder

Pinder was also named most photogenic, which is causing her to gain a great deal of traction.

Modelling industry

For Pinder, working at Sandals has helped to sharpen several important skills needed to survive and thrive not only in the modelling industry but in her general development.

“I started with Sandals as a playmaker in the entertainment department. Each week, I would have to create talent pieces which would see me digging deep to present something truly entertaining. I had to interact with guests which helped me to develop great interpersonal skills. The person I am today, making a mark in all my areas of interest, including modelling, is mainly due to Sandals,” she explained.

Alexandria Pinder was most photogenic for a reason. Just look at that pose!

Pinder also recalls giving Miss Universe a try. She said that while she was not named among the top contenders, she walked away with the award for Miss Congeniality, a testament to her people skills.

Biggest supporters

Not placing highly in the Miss Universe competition could have been a deterrent for her, but it only served as a propeller, though she has been met with limitations.

“For a long time, my parents frowned at the idea of me modelling. My dad, especially, wanted me to go to school, pursue something more academic or even traditional,” she said.

“There were also people who caused me to think I did not have what it takes,” she added.

She could hardly wait for an opportunity to get everyone to see in her what she sees in herself. After shining brightly in the competition, she has been getting many ‘yesses’. Two of her biggest supporters are now her parents who believe their daughter will go places if she continues on her current path.

Alexandria Pinder says modelling has always been a dream.

Busy life

The good-natured young woman, who is also pursuing an associate degree in media technology, shared that she is fortunate to be able to have a satisfying job, a foot in the modelling industry and studying media, something that she has also been dabbling in.

When asked if her seemingly busy life affects her job and studies, Pinder responded with an emphatic no.

“It doesn’t. Most of the things I do are outside of work. I do all these things outside of my work hours. And because I work on a shift, my classes are scheduled around that,” the ardent student shared.

But she admits that her life can be a little chaotic from time to time.

“I struggle with anxiety sometimes because of all I have going on around me, but I try to take things moment by moment,” Pinder said.