Bajan model using her platform purposefully

Bajan micro-influencer Clarissa Carmen Williams (Photo: Bobwal Photography)

She’s not only fierce in the world of social media modeling but she’s also an ambitious businesswoman and poet. She’s Bajan micro-influencer Clarissa Carmen Williams. Known by her alter ego ‘Carmen’, the 23-year-old is using her platform to be a voice for the young women of her generation.

Carmen’s Instagram account is plastered with edgy photos that push the boundaries of art and poetry in a beautiful blend of creativity -Carmen style.

And she told BUZZ that each post on her account is for a purpose.

“Whether I am modelling or doing spoken word I like to tell a story. I’m going to tell a story about things happening in society right in front of our faces that people don’t always speak about. ”

Her most recent shoots include the I AM series. In which she declared through breathtaking photos that I Am More, I am Carmen, and I Am Because I Choose To Be.

She explained that the series was inspired by a song she heard on the radio with lyrics that degraded women.
“[When I heard the song] right there and then I pulled out my phone and started writing. I am more, I am more than my hips and my thighs, to know me is to look beyond my eyes- this speaks to females recognizing who [they] are and that they are more than their curves…”

Carmen says she wants to use her platform to be a voice for young women (Photo: Bobwal Photography)

The once shy entrepreneur who started her poetic journey after a close friend died from gun violence when she was 21-years-old said that she really wants to empower women through her work.

“I want people to feel brave and confident and I want them to feel free, so when I speak, I don’t speak for people to side with my opinion. I want to speak in a way that allows people to hear their own voice and thoughts to recognize that they can be confident in what they feel and put out their voice to the world.”

Carmen hopes to hit the runway soon and is hoping that her confidence will inspire others.
“I want people to feel bold, a little fearless. I want them to express themselves in everyday life the way I walk down the catwalk. Whatever I am wearing, whatever the makeup says I want people to [exude that confidence].”

The owner of two small businesses Prime Lashes and Prime Creative always had her family in her corner from a young girl, especially her mother.

“My mom always said I can be whatever I want to be she always had that in our heads from young so there was never a question of which career she would approve of or wouldn’t approve of,” she said.

She started her first business-Prime Lashes at 16-years-old after leaving secondary school.

“I always knew I wanted to be in business- I always had businesses in mind to own -[ I never wanted to be an employee all my life],” said.

The 23-year-old is also a businesswoman (Photo: Green Monkey Photography)

For now, Carmen is pushing for her business to become more than a hustle, a fate she will achieve when she walks into a room, there’ll be no need for an introduction.

“I want to have my businesses up and running successfully without having to be in office every day and having the freedom of time.”