Ballin’ On A Budget: Macau, a tasty paradise

Macau is undoubtedly one of the most popular restaurants in Kingston and for good reason! Their food is delicious, comes in sizeable portions and is very affordable! When trying to eat out on a budget, it is one of the first restaurants that come to mind.

Another serving of loaded fries? Yes, please! (Photo: Don Waysome/BUZZ)

Located at 28 Lindsay Crescent, close to the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Dunrobin Avenue, this food spot is easy to find and is a crowned food jewel in the city. One of the owners, Mathew Chinn, actually provided us with an interesting fact. Macau is pronounced “Macao” and not “Macaw” like most of us have been saying! It is also named after the region Macau in China, which is nicknamed The Las Vegas of Asia.

Macau’s Bourbon Oxtail Pasta is simply divine. (Photo: Don Waysome/BUZZ)

Open-air concepts for restaurants are generally accepted and this is the highlight of Macau’s set up. Who doesn’t like eating while gazing at the evening skies and having the wind playfully dance on their face?  There is also a covered area which houses the bar and a few tables. Chinese-inspired lanterns hang along the roof of the covered area and each table’s decor is completed with a candle housed in a small, opaque glass jar. There are also two gazebos pitched at either ends of the space, which can be used to host private functions. The lighting is dim; perfect for those who want a romantic setting or just chill with friends.

Did it happen if it’s not posted on the ‘Gram?! (Photo: Don Waysome/BUZZ)

On our visit, we had two of Macau’s most popular meals, the Loaded Fries and the Bourbon Oxtail Pasta. If for nothing else, Macau is known for its Loaded Fries. This meal is renowned for its “nuffness” and of course its deliciousness. It is listed under the appetiser section of the menu and can be easily shared with two or three persons.

Perfectly plated to enjoy! (Photo: Don Waysome/BUZZ)

It is a huge mound of fries, smothered in melted cheddar cheese, chicken or bacon or both and garnished with thinly sliced cuts of fresh escallion. The Chicken or Bacon Loaded Fries cost only $1200 each and the Mixed Loaded Fries (chicken and bacon) costs just $1400.

A cozy open-air setting is perfect for enjoying your meal. (Photo: Don Waysome/BUZZ)

The Bourbon Oxtail Pasta, another favourite, has huge chunks of deboned oxtail, smothered in a white, creamy bourbon sauce with sweet peppers and bow tie pasta. This meal costs $2800, was beyond delicious and was also very filling.

Paired with daiquiris, our affordable meals were on point! (Photo: Don Waysome/BUZZ)

We had also had two refreshing daiquiris with our meals. Our entire bill, two entrees and two drinks, totalled $5400 and we were thoroughly satisfied! Macau is opened everyday up until midnight on weekdays and 2AM on weekends. Let’s keep ballin on a budget!