Barack Obama, Bruce Springsteen launch Spotify podcast

Bruce Springsteen (left) appears with former President Barack Obama during their podcast recorded at Springsteen’s home studio in New Jersey. (Photo: Rob DeMartin/Spotify via AP)

Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen are teaming up for an eight-episode Spotify podcast series, swapping stories about their upbringings and even a White House singalong around a piano.

The first two episodes of Renegades: Born in the USA, a conversation recorded in Springsteen’s home studio in New Jersey, were made available on Monday.

The seemingly offbeat relationship between the former president and rock star began when Springsteen performed benefits for Obama during his presidential campaigns. But it has blossomed into deeper conversations since he left office, Obama said in the first episode.

“He’s a rock ‘n’ roll icon,” he said. “I’m a lawyer and politician. Not as cool. And as I like to remind Bruce every chance I get, he’s more than a decade older than me.”

The Renegades: Born in the USA series title references one of Springsteen’s biggest hits and could also be a sly reference to the “birther” campaign where Obama’s eventual successor, Donald Trump, falsely suggested Obama’s origins were outside of the country.