Bazragod returns from musical hiatus with ‘drill dancehall’ sound

After spending more than a decade away from the music industry, entertainer Bazragod has returned to the scene with a new style of dancehall.


Formerly known in Jamaican circles as Raw Raw, Bazragod, told BUZZ that he is back on the scene, pushing his new drill dancehall sound.

Bazragod is set to release his new controversial hardcore track, Badness, on Friday (December 18).

The Florida-based entertainer said that he is ready to show the dancehall fans worldwide the hardcore lyrical flow that he has mastered, officially referred to as ‘Drill Dancehall’.

With a new management team of Shifta and Fresh of Timeless Entertainment, Bazragod is confident his material will trend.

“Being signed to Timeless Entertainment was definitely a joy because we all a set of go-getters, so together we will strive for greatness. I now have the right team to give my music the real support it needs,” Bazragod explained