Beaches being cleared of garbage as Coastal Cleanup 2019 gets underway

Beaches across Jamaica are being cleared of solid waste by more than 10,000 volunteers for the International Coastal Cleanup Day Jamaica 2019.

Members of the team from Vincy Construction excited about their coastal cleanup efforts at Palisadoes Lighthouse Beach in Kingston.

The initiative has been coordinated by the Jamaica Environmental Trust (JET) since 2008.

In Kingston at the West Bay at the Palisadoes Lighthouse Beach, Timothee Delebarre, Country Manager for Vincy Construction volunteered along with members of his staff to remove all forms of garbage that had settled there.

Timothee Delebarre, Country Manager for Vincy Construction

“We have collected about 40 bags so far. Most of the solid waste is plastic and we are again reminded of the dangers of plastic and how it can make an impact on the environment by reusing it or eliminating it. We have to look after the environment in which we work and make it better. We have seen flip flop slippers and other forms of garbage,” Delebarre, a French citizen who has adopted Jamaica, told BUZZ

Delebarre echoed a popular sentiment spoken by the volunteers who were in that section of the island cleaning the coast. The volume of garbage has increased when compared to former years.

The cleanup initiative is taking place in every major coastal town across the island. The coastal cleanup will see 138 site coordinators carrying out cleanups in all 14 parishes, including 19 underwater clean-up sites.

The annual International Coastal Cleanup Day is funded this year by the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF), Recycling Partners of Jamaica Ltd, Protex, and the Jamaica Public Service Foundation.