Beenie Man lets his hair down… literally

When was the last time you saw Beenie Man with his hair down?

The deejay has been rocking his dreadlocks in plaited updos for so long that it was hard to picture him with flowing tresses.

Thanks to his newfound camera craze since ending his cellphone hiatus, fans were able to see his locs today in a series of Instagram Stories

‘The Doctor’ was noticeably at the salon waiting to get his hair done when he showed off the length of his locs, which seemed to pass his waist. His full head of hair dominated the video and his face so much that with his mask on, one could barely tell that it was him, though his eyes are a distinct feature.

The entertainer then recorded himself getting his hair done, with about half his locs in his face and the other side braided. Maybe it was the puff of the marijuana smoke filling the screen, but he could have easily passed for his son Moses Davis Jnr.

After being styled, he let someone else do the recording to show-off the final look.

He modeled what has become his go-to hairstyle – a neat, braided updo.

He gave a thumbs up to show his satisfaction with the look, and just like that, the length of his locs was back in hiding.

Beenie Man started his loc journey in the late 90s with his early looks captured during the ManyMoods of Moses era.

By 2000, his hair became a primary feature of his brand, stamped on the cover of his Art & Life Grammy album, which showed a transition in his sound and spirituality.

The Fun in the Sun artist kept the ungroomed, freestyle-dreadlock aesthetic for a number of years before starting to define his roots.