Beenie Man says he doesn’t smoke around his youngest daughter

Dancehall deejay Beenie Man loves to indulge in some marijuana, but the entertainer doesn’t believe in smoking around his younger children.

Beenie Man

Of course, the Rum and Redbull artiste has been seen rolling spliffs with his older children Desha Ravers and Moses Davis Jnr, but when it comes to his youngest child, Xiah, he leaves the room.

That’s exactly what he did yesterday after taking her and his son Mosiah to the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel for a family day. He booked a suite for the occasion and decided to light-up while his kids got changed to go to the pool.

“Mi haffi hide the smoke so a suh it go people. Yuh see mi youth dem, mi love dem…”

– Beenie Man

“Hear wah gwaan now, mi a go hide fi a minute because true mi youth dem deh yah, mi a go tek two draw offa mi spliff,” he told his Instagram fam.

He retreated to the kitchen to play hide and seek from Xiah, making sure that the door stayed close.

“Mi daughter deh out deh so, mi cya smoke in front of her. Mi nuh know bout a next man but mi baby a two-year-old, mi nuh deh pon dat. Mi a tek two draw round yah so.”

He continued, “She haffi reach of age first cause mi cya tek when she a run dung the smoke… Mi haffi hide the smoke so a suh it go people. Yuh see mi youth dem, mi love dem…mi nuh work fi nobody else.”

Be it COVID-19 restrictions or a prolonged smoking session, he didn’t get to have his exclusive “pool party” with his family. By the time he checked in and asked if everyone was changed and ready to go, they shared that the pool area was closed.

“The pool lock fi real?” he asked. “Mi want see mi daughter a swim enuh.”

He didn’t let that put a damper on the evening and opted to get her some ice-cream from Devon House instead.