Beenie Man’s daughter, Ikyra, is still good with his ex: “A nuh me and Krystal lef”

Beenie Man and Krystal Tomlinson

Beenie Man and Krystal Tomlinson have been mostly silent since both confirmed they are no longer together on Monday

However, the dancehall artiste’s daughter, Ikyra Davis, reluctantly shared her two cents on the spilt during an Instagram Live today.

Following a virtual dress down of Digicel Jamaica regarding her data service, Davis was asked about the public separation of her father and Tomlinson, a politician.

Davis replied to a follower’s question, “But that isn’t my relationship…I wouldn’t come on here and talk about a relationship that I wasn’t in.”

She added that should the situation ever concern her own personal life, then she’ll address it. “You see when my relationship mash up, me will talk ‘bout that.”

Beenie Man and his daughter Ikyra Davis (Photo: Instagram/Ikyra Davis)

Davis also added that she’s still on good terms with Tomlinson, noting “a nuh me and Krystal lef’”.

She told those curious to find out more about the breakup, to ask Beenie Man directly, “Message him, at him [on Instagram)…”, she said.

“I’m clearing it up why they shouldn’t ask me, because nobody, and I mean nobody, ask me about it again.”

Beenie Man and Tomlinson revealed that they were no longer together after a five-year relationship. The artiste, in a video Monday, said he was “free, single and disengaged” while Tomlinson shared, “This chapter on love, written with love, is closed.”