Beenie Man’s daughter reveals why she moved out and trimmed her hair

The early 20s in anyone’s life can be an emotional rollercoaster and Beenie Man’s daughter, Ikyra Davis, is opening up about her own tumultuous ride. 

The 20-year-old revealed why she cut her hair in a soul-baring Instagram Live on Friday.

Davis, who debuted her low cut in early January, said she had been going through a period in her life where she seemed to have no control.

She took a one-year leave of absence from The University of the West Indies where she was studying psychology as she no longer knew what she wanted to do with her life.

She decided to start over and “get her life in order” by moving to Canada and starting college but that didn’t actualise. 

“When my life began to spiral, I went and I did something very impulsive; I cut the back hair, I did an undercut,” she said.

“I needed something that I could control and the thing I can control in my life right now was my hair and what I was going to do with my hair so I did something with it,” she added.

But she wasn’t satisfied.

“Went home, didn’t like the undercut so I trimmed off the sides… It had this thing still in the middle and I was like “I don’t like that’ so I went and I just shaved off my head and honestly, when I shaved my head I felt so much better. You know that thing they say about hair and your emotions and your feelings? After that experience I strongly believed in that. After I went bald I was like ‘Oh my God, weight lifted off my shoulders’ and then I just never stopped trimming. My life kept spiralling, I never stopped trimming and this is how I’m here now like this, bald,” she said.

There were other factors at play in her decision to cut her hair. Her grandmother had died in September, inspiring her decision to move out of her dad’s house.

Beenie Man and his daughter Ikyra Davis (Photo: Instagram/Ikyra Davis)

Followers of Davis will recall her various Live streams from a home noticeably less posh than what you’d associate with the daughter of the “King of Dancehall.”

“Life was just being very hectic. It was crashing down on me and I did not know where to turn, I did not know what to look forward to, who to go to, so I went to my safe haven after my grandmother died… I went to the people I felt most comfortable around, the people I felt like I could express myself around, the people who I felt I could turn to so I moved out and that was hard… I was stressing a lot. I lost a lot of weight and I was still grieving my grandmother’s death,” Davis said.

She also got a few jobs but Davis shared that it was still finding it difficult to navigate life on her own.

“That was just a next big step in my life that I was not ready for – to live on my own if I did not even know what I wanted to do in college,” Davis added.

To elevate from her plight, Davis said she has been confronting her insecurities and emotions instead of using her hair as an escape from vulnerability and baggage.

“The point in life where I’m at now, I still am not clear on what I want to do. I’m back with my dad, it’s nice, everything is okay but I am yet to comprehend or understand certain emotions that I cannot express… I feel like there’s a lot more work to be done on Ikrya as a person especially with my insecurities… If the foundation was solid – and it was not – it was going to crumble sooner or later and it was going to crumble bad… I’m just slowly trying to build up back, I guess, me,” she added.