Before travelling, here are the world’s safest airlines

While many people have put travelling on hold amid the pandemic, it is only a matter of time before we start catching flights once more.

But, before you ditch feelings for the familiarity of the skies, maybe knowing the safety record of your carrier should be a priority. has announced its annual list of the 20 safest airlines, and the winner comes as a surprise to few.

Qantas has topped the website’s ranking once more, earning an incredible safety record in its century of continuous operation. AirlineRatings currently assesses the safety of 385 airlines globally.

In numerical order, the safest airlines in the world are: Qantas, Qatar Airways, Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, EVA Air, Etihad Airways, Alaska Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, British Airways, Virgin Australia/Virgin Atlantic, Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, SAS, Finnair, Lufthansa, KLM, and United Airlines.