Being alone on Christmas and why that’s okay for some of us

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’, or so I keep hearing, but Christmas isn’t such a magical occasion for many people, myself included.

From losing a loved one to past trauma that coincides with the holiday – the reasons are as diverse and varied when all the world seems to bask in the idea of celebration, fellowship, and happiness.

For me, choosing to be away from family/friends, who just drain you mentally, is much more appealing. Why leave the family home worst off than when you first made the decision to abandon the sanctity of your own abode?

Being depressed on Christmas is one thing, but can I be honest? Being alone might be way better for some people than to surround yourself with toxic people.

You are the king/queen of your castle, revel in your independence!

Surround yourself with your own family – one that pushes you to unleash your best self. Embrace your insecurities, you wonderful soul!

This isn’t a guide on how to cope with being on your lonesome at Christmas time; most of us have been doing fine all year round.

Every single human is plagued by negative thoughts, no matter how fleeting the moment, but we have more power over our feelings than you’d think.

If you’re like me and deliberately cut off from family and friends, enjoy the quiet moments. You’re alone, yes, but you can seize the holiday and make your own traditions.

No one to answer to, no one to make you anxious and uncomfortable, so bask in the solitude.

Indulge yourself without guilt, eat to your heart’s content, relax in whatever you deem fit, stock up on anything that will bring you joy – if even in small amounts.

Start your own projects, workaholics! Finish some of those chores you’ve wanted to do around the house for months on end – do some repairs – or do nothing. The choice is yours.

If you are mourning, don’t let the grief consume you. The person/people you’ve lost wouldn’t be happy to see you suffer in silence.

Take a break, give of yourself and volunteer. There are others out there who’d just love to be in your company.

Cut yourself some slack, you have been doing great!

Christmas is the perfect time to assess your life – take note of what’s going on and where things are leading.

It’s the time to appreciate your blessings, no matter how ‘simple’ they seem. You have (mostly) good health, a roof over your head and food to nourish you.

Pick up old pastimes, hobbies or artistic talents you neglected. Those old paintbrushes and some colours on canvas may just be the outlet you need to express your feelings.

If you’re like me, then cooking yourself a dish (with love) that reminds you of home, friends, and traditions will flood you with some grounded, happier memories.

Treat (and I can’t stress this enough) ya damn self!!!!

If you have neglected yourself lately, it is time to reward yourself with some much-deserved rest and relaxation.

Spoil yourself with the comfort of a spa in your own bathroom. Light an aromatic candle, get out that music and sip a cup of a relaxing tea/hot chocolate/coffee.

Give yourself a pedicure, manicure or facial – or don’t stop there – take all three!

Life can be such an emotional rollercoaster, but you’ve made it thus far, even after the times when you genuinely thought you wouldn’t.