Bella Thorne says her romance with Benjamin Mascolo is ‘great’

Bella Thorne’s relationship with Benjamin Mascolo is “great”.

The 22-year-old actress – who previously dated Internet personality Tana Mongeau – has opened up about her burgeoning romance with the Italian singer, admitting she’s feeling really positive about their relationship.

She said: “Things are great. Me and Ben are really happy.”

“Me and Ben are really happy.”

— Bella Thorne

Bella and Benjamin both have busy working schedules, which means they often spend prolonged periods of time apart from each other.

But the DUFF actress revealed they’ll be reunited in Los Angeles in November.

She told Entertainment Tonight: “He comes to LA the first week in November, which will be fun. He’s on tour doing his album release right now, so it’s just a lot of work for him and a lot of work for me in separate places.”

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Bella claimed to be in a polyamorous relationship, meaning that she and Benjamin were both dating Alex Martini.