Bella’s Beautique: More than just a nail salon

If you have a close relationship with your mom, then you probably shared the experience of doing each other’s nails.

This was where Annabel Glaze’s mom recognized she had a special talent. “I was just naturally very neat, and quick, and clean,” she told BUZZ.

When she got pregnant while still in university, it was her mom who also encouraged her to sharpen her skills. I had to make some money on the side. And she just suggested that I go take a course, and get certified,” she said.

‘I then revamped, made some business cards, went to some expos, got myself out there and basically that’s how I made a name for myself.’

— Glaze
Glaze takes pride in her work.

After finishing her degree in Business Economics and Social Statistics, Glaze went to work in the corporate world. But she had gotten a taste of what it was like to operate her own business, and she was hooked. “I just evaluated everything and realized I have my own business, and pretty much just sat down for months making a plan on how many clients I would need. I then revamped, made some business cards, went to some expos, got myself out there and basically that’s how I made a name for myself,” she said.

Thirteen years later, and Glaze has not only created a name for herself but her business, Bella’s Beautique has a loyal and expanding customers base.

Glaze has an expanding base of loyal customers.

Nail polish collections

She has also created eight nail polish collections. “I launched the first collection in December 2016. It was actually a customer of mine who makes her own hair products, that suggested it to me, and encouraged me. She said you can find everything online, and that’s it’s easier than you think, and that encouragement really helped me,” she said.

Glaze has created eight nail polish collections.

Glaze mixes the colours herself and uses local businesses to design her logos and manufacture the bottles. Each nail polish collection is created in a different season and infused with a unique aspect of the Jamaican culture.

“The first one was Gimme Sumn collection. I also [launched] Jump and Shak Out, collection which included neon colours, I had an orange in there called Portia. I also did the Fall for Jamaica which included earth tones, then I did It comin’ like Christmas’ collection. This included green and red. I did a Proud Wifey collection which had range of nudes, but one red for the wife who wants something different,” she said

Red, for the wife who wants to be different

Glaze told BUZZ she’s looking forward to going retail with her nail polish collections soon.

“I believe that when you get positivity from people it’s God’s way of talking to you, so you just take it, and just go with it,” she said.