Benefits of a to-do list

If you have a challenge organising your thoughts and getting things done, then you are the perfect candidate for a to-do list.

This system of keeping track of one’s activities and tasks is an old one, but that does not make it any less effective, especially since it is simple and can be done by anyone from children to a company CEO.

Traditional to-do lists came to prominence and popularity in the early 20th century when they were adopted into companies as a method of improving workflow and productivity.

Today it can either be a virtual list like one available on an app you can download or a traditional paper one. In order to make it work you simply write down all that you need to be achieved, execute it and then one by one, cross them off and move on to the next task.

Though some people say having a list interferes with their creativity and so resist making them, others swear by them for a myriad of reasons. First things first when a list is put together, it makes tasks not seem so insurmountable thus decreasing your anxiety over it.

This is because they provide us with structure and we can actually see the progress being made as items are crossed off the list. 

By arranging your information into specific categories or topics such as worklist or household chores list, it facilitates basic organization. There is no need for long sentences and anyone who sees it can understand the job that needs to be done.

Another great benefit is that it helps you to prioritise your day. If needs be, you can highlight the more critical tasks and then list the others after. Once a few tasks are completed you can even take a break and reward yourself with something simple like a slice of cake or watching a movie that you have been dying to see.

By doing so, you easily avoid making work too monotonous and boring.

If in a corporate setting where teamwork makes the dream work, lists can be shared to make the workload lighter and get completed faster. Just make a list, post or share it by whichever means is your choice and make the others assign themselves to what they wish to tackle. For it to work smoothly, also provide them with a feasible deadline.

Note that lists do not only have to be about boring work or back-breaking chores, but it can also be light-hearted and fun if it includes a list of movies you want to watch or songs you want to download to play at an upcoming party.

They can help you track websites and links and make you sort out articles and stories you wish to read on your day off.

The important thing is to not be overwhelmed by all you have to do.

Like Nike says — Just do it.

Are to-do lists your thing? Sound off in the comments and let us know.