Bernie Sanders viral meme made into a doll

Can’t get enough of that Bernie Sanders meme, how bought you get a doll of it too? The viral Bernie Sanders meme of him sitting aloof at the US presidential inauguration has done been made into a doll.

The unique doll is up for auction on eBay. The seller Tobey King, owner of Tobey Time Crochet, has promised that all of the profits will go to Meals on Wheels America.

“I was talking with another crafter friend who told me Bernie had just sold some hoodies and donated all the proceeds to Meals on Wheels Vermont, and I knew that that is what I wanted to do with the doll I made,” said King,

“With the attention, it was getting I was hopeful Meals on Wheels would get a good donation.”

The starting bid for the handmade doll Saturday was only 99 cents, but by Monday the item had more than 149 bids with bidding above $15,000. The auction ends Tuesday afternoon.