Beyoncé for Biden: Star throws support behind Democratic candidate

Beyonce shared that she voted for Joe Biden in the US presidential elections. (Photo: Page Six)

Beyoncé is no stranger to politics, and famously threw her support behind Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US presidential elections. Those didn’t end how she, or millions of others, would have hoped but the Formation singer has made her choice clear ahead of tomorrow’s polls.

Beyoncé shared a post of herself in a matching hat and top while wearing a mask that proudly declares support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris” the Democratic candidates for president and vice-president respectively.

The Lemonade creator is also sporting an “I Voted” sticker on her hat, letting her 155 million Instagram followers know where she stands politically.

She captioned the Boomerang, “Come thru, Texas! #VOTE,”.

The official Twitter account for Texas Democrats also shared Beyoncé’s post and wrote, “BEY a voter, with @Beyonce.”