Big win for GamesCon Jamaica

Cosplayers on hand at the first Jamaica Cosplay Club Cosplay & Games Con.

Cosplay, Japanese pop culture and video games collided on December 21 at the Campion College Auditorium, St Andrew, for the first annual Cosplay & Games Con. Billed as the ultimate gaming festival, it was hosted by the Jamaica Cosplay Club (JCC).

“It was a success for us, not monetarily, but in the form of execution. Cosplay & Games Con is a special kind of product and it’s very dear to the club,” explained Ricardo Carter of the JCC.

Ricardo Carter, of the Jamaica Cosplay Club, is happy with the first-ever Cosplay & Games Con event put on by his club.

Happy with feedback

Despite the lack of financial success, Carter was more than happy with the feedback from those in attendance.

“The reception was very encouraging for the Jamaica Cosplay Club, and for that reason, we can safely say mission accomplished,” Cater said.

Cosplay & Games Con 2019 brought together cosplayers and video gamers alike for a day of fun and competition.

Competitive gaming

Cosplay & Games Con was created on the perceived crossover between video gamers and cosplayers. These two groups tend to draw on the same source material, Asian pop culture staples such as anime, manga and K-pop music.

“Games Con, as it’s affectionately called, is a cosplay, gaming and holiday festival that seeks to bring the magic back to Christmas celebrations here in Jamaica while promoting eSports, competitive gaming and cosplaying,” Carter told BUZZ.

Cosplayer Tiffany Chen trying her hand at one of the several carnival shooting games present at Cosplay & Games Con 2019.

Lots of activities

While the main event of Cosplay & Games Con was a tournament using the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate video game, there was no shortage of other things to do. Competitors and patrons alike enjoyed other video game titles. The typical Asian pop culture articles were on sale, from handmade fan items to high-end models and 3d printed cosplay accessories. Leaning fully into its theme, the event included traditional games. Extra fun could be had as attendees were encouraged to break out the available board and card games or test their skills in the carnival type games on hand. Interludes were filled with the sounds of karaoke performed by those brave enough to take to the stage.

“The highlight of the show was definitely the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament. The passion of the local gaming community knows no bounds, and as such we’re pressing on to eventually host the Caribbean’s ultimate games exhibition. We say a special thank you to Dominic Ramsay and the gamers that came out to show their support,” Carter said.

Rhea Rampair of Shop Neko showing off her store’s wares.

2020 staging

He feels that with the first staging of Cosplay & Games Con under his club’s belt they have gained the experience to make the next one in 2020 even better.

“Games Con has a special place on Jamaican event calendar and with better planning and organisation, this event will become a national favourite annually,” Carter said.

The next move for the JCC is their annual event AnimeCom Fest, which will be held on July 25, 2020.

Written by Nichola Beckford