Biggie’s mom still seeking justice 24 years later

Today marks 24 years since the Notorious B.I.G. was fatally shot in Los Angeles, California but the wound remains open for his family.

The rapper’s mother, Voletta Wallace, in an interview with EW said, “As long as I have life there’s hope. I’ll never give up. And I hope when I’m not in this world anymore, my friends and family will carry on the fight. There is always hope.”

Wallace shared her continued search for justice in her son’s killing while promoting the upcoming Biggie: I Have a Story to Tell documentary on Netflix.

Wallace said she found a connection to her son through his music after his passing.

“After his passing, I heard a lot of positive and negative things that were being said about him. As a mother, I only wanted to hear positive things because I’m biased,” she said.

“I decided then I wanted to know more about his music. I read something in a magazine about him where the writer said something like, ‘what do people expect when you give a bum from the ghetto a million dollars?’ I was very hurt by that. I never raised my son to be a bum or a drug dealer. So I listened to his music and I asked a lot of questions. I cried like a baby while listening because what I heard was an intelligent human being.”

Biggie, born Christopher Wallace, was shot multiple times in a drive-by shooting on March 9, 1997. He was 24.