Bill Gates gives Melinda $1.8 billion on day of divorce announcement

Bill Gates and estranged wife, Melinda Gates

On the same day that Bill and Melinda Gates announced their divorce, Bill gave Melinda $1.8 billion in stocks.

According to TMZ, this is an indication that the couple has been working our their property issue long before they announced their divorce.

The outlet reports that Bill’s investment firm, Cascade Investment LLC, sent Melinda more than 14 million shares of Canadian National Railway Co. and more than 2.9 million shares of AutoNation Inc

And based on Wednesday’s stock prices, the shares are worth more than of $1.8 billion. This includes about $1.53 billion in Canadian National Railway shares and about $310 million on AutoNation shares.

Bill and Melinda Gates was one of the world’s richest couples with a fortune of $130billion. They announced on Monday that they were ending their 27-year marriage.