Billionaire Richard Branson’s mother dies of COVID-19

Eve Branson, the mother of billionaire Richard Branson, has died of coronavirus. She was 96.

Eve Branson (Photo: CNN)

The announcement was made by the Virgin Group founder in a blog post today.

He said, “I’m sorry to share that, sadly like a lot of people’s relatives and friends right now, my mum Eve has also passed away from COVID”.

He added that she held on “for one last victory, managing to fight off the virus, but had expended all of her energy in the process”.

Branson said one of his sisters and his nephew were with her at the end.

In remembering her, he said she was a “force of nature” and that she was “inventive, fearless, relentless- an entrepreneur before the word existed.”

He added that he owed his career to her, after she gave him £100 from sale of a necklace that she found on the road.