Bizarre divorce laws found worldwide

Some say it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all…but if the love goes south for whatever reason, you can always sign those papers and go about your merry way.

In the western world, you may need a good lawyer, a plausible reason, lengthy separation and a tonne of paperwork to finally call it quits but this is not so in other parts of the world where getting ‘unhitched’ can be a simple, one, two, three.

When the promise of happily ever after goes bust and the fairytale becomes a nightmare, just know that if local laws are weighing you down, you may want to look to lands far away because when it comes to international divorce laws, bizarre does not even begin to sum up what constitutes grounds for ditching a partner.

For our friends up north in the United States, practically anything goes. In the state of Kentucky marrying the same man four times is illegal and apparently so is common sense. In Mississippi, you can get a divorce if you can prove your spouse is an idiot. Well, they chose you for a partner so really who is the idiot?

Over in Tennessee, a man can love her and leave her legally if he provides her with a certain amount of dried beans, meat and enough yarn for her to knit stockings for a year. Like seriously?

In Kansas, not getting along with your in-law can constitute grounds for divorce while in the ‘Big Apple’ if you can prove that your partner has been crazy for at least five years the state of New York will grant you your freedom.

Further away it gets even more bizarre. Take the island of Malta for instance where divorce is illegal because the nation has a 98 per cent Catholic population, with the illegality of divorce written into the Maltese constitution more than 50 years ago. Talk about sticking it out!

Divorce is illegal because the nation has a 98 per cent Catholic population

Japan, however, goes to the opposite extreme with divorces being so straightforward a couple needs only fill out a one-page form, sign and seal it and get it done without even going to court.

Saudi Arabians don’t play when it comes to providing for their spouses so if a husband doesn’t supply his wife with fresh coffee, she can divorce his non-java supplying skin.

Eskimos may rub noses when in love but when that fades, and they no longer wish to be wed, they simply move out and live separate lives. No expensive divorce lawyer needed.

Aboriginal Women in Australia may legally discard their husbands if they elope with a new partner. I guess the old adage about the best way to get over one man is to get under another works perfectly there.

The Brazilians were definitely not playing around as a man had up to ten days to file for divorce if he found out his bride was not a virgin. This law was repealed in 2002.

In Samoa, a wife can file for divorce if her hubby simply forgets her birthday. Therefore a committed man must keep his calendar close at hand.

What’s bizarre in one culture is beautiful in another. Just be happy that you got out of the relationship alive and well.

— Story written by C.W.