Blac Chyna denies Rob Kardashian’s bad parenting allegations

Rob Kardashian (left) and Blac Chyna are now at odds.

Blac Chyna has accused Rob Kardashian of lying in court documents claiming that she is raising their daughter in an “unsafe environment due to her unpredictable behaviour”.

The 32-year-old businessman wants sole custody of their three-year-old daughter Dream and recently filed legal papers asking a judge to limit the time his former fiancée Blac spends with their child to just weekends with a nanny present, as he believes she’s a danger and isn’t behaving appropriately around their little girl.

“She (Blac Chyna) claims she always keeps Dream clean and makes her practice good hygiene.”

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The reclusive star accused his former lover – who also has seven-year-old son King Cairo with her ex-partner Tyga – of regularly hosting parties at her home in front of Dream and getting drunk with strangers at her home as well as taking drugs.

Naked twerking

Rob believes Dream’s behaviour has changed recently as she’s started “naked twerking and acting out sexual positions that she said her mom taught her”, as well as swearing and using language he insisted he never uses around her.

He’s also said his daughter arrives to him with messy hair and dirty teeth and is not being looked after properly.

Rob’s paperwork states that Khloe can back up his allegations as she’s noticed a behavioral change in Dream as she’s “more in defense mode” and is “decidedly more aggressive” during her play dates with her cousins.

Rob Kardashian wants sole custody of Dream, the child he has with Blac Chyna.

Blac has vehemently denied all of Rob’s allegations and has hit back at the most serious of his accusations.

Bald-faced liar

Sources close to the curvaceous beauty have told TMZ that “she denies all of these nasty accusations and says Rob is a bald-faced liar – specifically about the sex stuff.”

The online publication has been informed that Blac “has never done drugs in front of her children and only drinks on occasion … when her kids are not around. She claims she always keeps Dream clean and makes her practice good hygiene … and has more than 100 nice outfits for her at her home”.

As well as requesting sole custody and supervised visits between Blac and Dream, Rob also wants his ex-lover to submit to drug and alcohol testing no less than 30 minutes before each visit with their child.