Black River Safari: The jewel of the south coast

Tourists on the Black River Safari Tour. (Photo:

While the attractions on the north coast of the island are considered to be more popular, the south coast still has its fair share that pulls visitors from near and far.

One of these is the Black River Safari, a boat tour that brings persons upclose with the nature of the south side of Jamaica.

This tour takes persons up and down Jamaica’s longest navigable river, the Black River, where persons can interact with the crocodiles.

The birds are part of the attraction.

There is also a wide variety of birds that prove quite attractive.
Persons who are brave enough may chance a swim in the river.

Interested persons can pet the smaller crocodiles.

At the end of the tour, interested persons may get a chance to pet the smaller crocs at the J Charles Swaby sanctuary.

A partially submerged crocodile in the Black River.

This provides a good opportunity to interact with the animal that sits atop Jamaica’s coat of arms.