Blessing Bracelet maker launches “Say Thank You Challenge”

No here’s an interesting take on the start of the season for giving and loving.

MADE AS INTENDED (“MAI”), the creator of Blessing Bracelet, has launched its inaugural “Say Thank You Challenge.”

During the next four weeks leading up to Thanksgiving in the United States, MAI will be giving away 16 “Forever” diamond pavé bracelets participants with #MadeAsIntendedThankYou posts that receive the most likes, and US$500 cash prizes to four gratitude recipients.

Made As Intended Founder Dawn Sprong created Blessing Bracelets after discovering the life-changing power of gratitude.
Made As Intended Founder Dawn Sprong

Challenge participants may enter on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook by

  • 1) Posting a photo of the person or organization they are thanking
  • 2) Posting a 60-second or less video thanking someone;
  • or 3) Posting a photo of a “Say Thank You” postcard (available with MAI purchases at select stores in the US where blessing bracelets are carried).
Made As Intended is giving away 16 ‘Forever’ Diamond Pave bracelets to Say Thank You Challenge participants. Four gratitude recipients will receive a $500 cash prize.

“So often, we don’t express our gratitude to each other, and in many cases, only realize that when it’s too late. Saying ‘thank you’ to someone is an expression of kindness, that also opens us up to receiving more of what we want in life. With this challenge, we want to see many people spreading a positive message across social media,” says Founder Dawn Sprong.