Boardwalk Village Restaurant is a palate pleaser

A section of the Boardwalk Village Restaurant in Negril. (Photos: Contributed)

The award-winning Boardwalk Village Restaurant in Negril has proven to be a huge palate-pleaser among tourists and even Jamaicans, who live in or visit the resort town.

Located on beautiful sands of Negril’s Long Bay beach, the Boardwalk Village Restaurant offers Jamaican, Caribbean and American cuisine, along with an extensive array of seafood dishes. It also caters to vegetarians.

A chef prepares to serve meat at the Negril International Food and Wine event that was held at the Boardwalk Village Restaurant recently.

In addition to its friendly staff, Boardwalk boasts a lobster grill where patrons can handpick live lobster from the pot in the ocean. It is then grilled and served with steamed veggies and garlic. During lobster season, it is not uncommon for a lobster fanatic to have lobster omelet for breakfast, grilled garlic lobster for lunch and lobster thermidor for dinner.

For those who are not fond of the sea creature, there is calamari, pizza, hamburgers and various jerked dishes, which are usually accompanied by roasted yam, roasted sweet potato, festival, bammy, bread, corn and plantains. The meals are then topped off with cocktails or smoothies from the bar.

Patrons were too eager to taste the food at the Negril International Food and Wine event that was held at the Boardwalk Village Restaurant.

The restaurant also has an upper level where guests can view the Caribbean Sea and the exotic Negril sunset. The beach at the restaurant is also perfect for beach bums who want to relax or swim. Additionally, the Boardwalk Village Restaurant forms a part of the Negril’s Boardwalk Village, which also offers accommodation at its boutique hotel on the property.