Bobbi Kristina’s ex-boyfriend, Nick Gordon, dies at 30 years old

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s ex, Nick Gordon, has died at 30 years old.

Nick’s attorney, Joe Habachy, has confirmed his client has passed away, and while he didn’t reveal the “specific circumstances” of Nick’s death, the lawyer admitted his client had “worked hard” to “stay sober”.

Joe told E!: “My heart is heavy today after learning that my long-time client Nick Gordon died at the young age of 30.

“While I cannot speak to the specific circumstances of his death, I can say that it’s been truly heartbreaking to have witnessed firsthand the total devastation that drug addiction has wreaked upon a group of young friends, all of whom were loved and had immense potential.

“Despite all of the incredible challenges Nick faced over the last few years, I can honestly say that he worked hard to hold his head up and stay sober and that he genuinely wanted a happy, healthy life with his family more than anything else.

“We are devastated by the loss of my beautiful brother.”

— Jack Walker, the brother of Nick Gordon

“My heart goes out to the family and friends Nick leaves behind and to other families dealing with the losses and heartache caused by drugs.”

Jack Walker, Nick’s brother, said in a statement: “We are devastated by the loss of my beautiful brother.

“He leaves a void in the hearts of my family and his friends. Nick’s battle in life was not an easy one.”

Civil case

Nick was an orphan before Bobbi’s late mother, Whitney Houston – who died from accidental drowning in a bath in 2012 aged 48 – took him under her wing when he was 12 years old, but she didn’t legally adopt him.

Following Whitney’s death, Nick later got together with Bobbi – who died in 2015 at 22 years old, following six months in a coma, after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub. They were said to have got engaged, but he later denied they were dating or engaged.

In 2014, Nick claimed the pair had married, but that was denied by an attorney for Bobbi’s father, Bobby Brown, who is Whitney’s ex-husband.

Nick was found legally responsible for Bobbi’s death following a civil case and ordered to pay $36 million to her estate.