‘Bodi Blendz’ catering to skin and hair with mango shea butter

Bodi Blendz was officially launched at Rebel Salute in January. (Photos: Kemmano Obrian)

Even at first glance, there is nothing average about the product offering at skin-care company, Bodi Blendz. With its signature ingredient being ‘mango shea butter’, the all-natural brand is making a statement with dual-purpose body butters, hemp/CBD lip balms and flower-shaped lotion bars.

The brand had its official launch at Rebel Salute last month and already has a bestseller.

“Everything I create is done with love by hand, and I love how pleased my customers are when they use my products.”

— Founder of Bodi Blendz, Moniqué King

“My turmeric mango shea butter is a heavy seller now, and it’s good for dark spots,” founder of Bodi Blendz, Moniqué King, told BUZZ.

“For persons who may want a quick turnaround in terms of fading in one or two weeks, they run to my turmeric butter. I recommend it for moisturising the skin after the use of my liquid black soap which is good for eczema, acne scars and dark spots. My black soap is very thick, so you’ll have it for a while, and it is infused with noni, honey, palm oil, lavender oil, a little coconut oil and shea butter.”

Lots of benefits

Her body butters are ‘whipped and blended’ by hand (hence name inspo) and can be used on the skin and hair. The scents are peppermint, pomegranate, coconut, mandarin, island peach and tropical splash. There’s also unscented.

“It’s infused with the same coconut oil, vitamin E oil and mango shea butter, and is great for eczema, psoriasis, dark spots, blemishes, stretch marks as well, so with continued use, you’ll see a difference in your entire body,” King said.

This dual-mode works for her lotion bars as well, which come in flower, heart or oval shapes.

“It gives you almost the same benefit as the body butters, but you can store it on a wooden soap dish or carry it around in your bag, warm it in your hand for it to melt a little and just moisturise your skin or run it in your hair.”

Bodi Blendz offers a wide range of skincare products.

Testing and trials

The unique packaging at Bodi Blendz can be attributed to King’s experience in marketing, a degree in which she is currently completing at the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean.

Her entry to the skin and beauty business came first as a partnership which ended due to creative differences. After doing her own research, testing and trials, King nailed her own natural formula and formed Bodi Blendz.

The price range is from $350 for lip balms (same flavour as the body butters) to $1200 for the four-ounce body butter. Shipping is also available overseas, and interested skin/hair enthusiasts can make orders @bodi_blendz on Instagram.

“Everything I create is done with love by hand, and I love how pleased my customers are when they use my products,” said King. “I see Bodi Blendz being all over the place, from Fontana to overseas. I’m not just settling with Jamaica, I want us to be recognised worldwide.”