Bolt mentors future star athletes

Recently, sprint legend Usain Bolt was in the media in defence of his former coach Glen Mills against assertions made by some of his former club mates while at Racers.

However, it seems that the legendary athlete has moved past that and recently took some time out of his busy schedule to sit down and have a chat with some young athletes who were participating in the Racers Summer Camp. The camp was held at the UWI Mona Bowl in July.

On his Twitter account Bolt is quoted as saying “happy to hold a reason with the young G’s”.

Bolt highlighted time spent speaking to the athletes in a group fashion and they, in turn, paying keen attention to what he had to say.

There was also some group lens time and signing of autographs.

The Summer School is as a result of Racers seeking to accommodate parents who ask that their children be trained by them. The camp provides the children with training and other needs to aid in their development.

The children who participated are said to have come in from all over the globe.