BOSS MODE: Oprah Winfrey grows her own avocados

Billionaire actress, author and overall boss media mogul Oprah Winfrey

Frustrated with the outlandish prices hotels charge, media mogul Oprah Winfrey says she takes her own avocados wherever she goes.

The 65-year-old billionaire, who is ready to hit the road for her ‘Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life on Focus Tour’, insisted she is ‘low maintenance’ and doesn’t make any outrageous requests when staying in hotels – even avoiding some hefty charges by bringing her own food.

“In every hotel, there’s going to be sparkling water and avocados, which I try to bring my own. When I’m in the country I bring my own avocados because I grow them. And it’s so much cheaper because you know what they charge in a hotel for an avocado? It’s ridiculous,” Winfrey argued.

“Can never go anywhere without truffle zest. Now they’ve got hot truffle zest, so I have that. I always have like oranges and bananas in the room, and that’s it. I’m so low maintenance,” she added.

When she’s away from home, the American actress admitted it is a challenge to ‘stay on point’ but she does her best to maintain her regular routines.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight recently, Oprah contended, “Maintaining that healthy routine when you’re on the road [is important], because you know you want to hang out with the crew. You like to have a couple drinks after the show.”

“No! You have to go to bed, get your sleep and get your rest. So, it’s staying on track, on point, when you’re on the road. It’s hard,” she explained.

The media mogul doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions, but rather has decided to choose one word to define her plans for the year ahead.

“My word for this year is purpose,” Winfrey stated.

“You know how you can’t even figure out what you did in the year because your life’s so full? So now I just go back, and I look through my phone. So, I was doing that on New Year’s Eve, looking through the phone, and I was doing a lot of things, but I wasn’t doing a lot of things with purpose,” she said.

“So, my thing this year is, don’t do anything unless you have an intention and a purpose behind it. Purpose,” the author declared.