Bounty Killer spending more time with kids during quarantine

COVID-19 has negatively affected Bounty Killer’s pocket, but he is grateful that it has given him an opportunity to spend more time with his kids and family members.

Bounty Killer and his daughter, Rajana Price.

Like many other entertainers, Bounty Killer has been unable to perform at a stage shows in Jamaica for months. And while he has done virtual events, his finances have surely taken a beating because of the ban on live shows.

Luckily, something positive has been happening since the COVID-19 restrictions have been imposed.

“The greatest thing for me is that quarantine, it gives me that time to spend time at home and get more family time. So, it’s a gain and a loss for me,” he told host Spice when he appeared on Magnum Hub TV’s Spice It Up recently.

“Cause most times, you know our job took us away from the family cause we are overseas, on the stage or doing interviews, so we never get enough time to spend with the family or with the kids. So, I am getting some good quality time now, and I am enjoying it.”

And we have definitely seen evidence of this in recent times because Bounty Killer has been posting pictures with his children, and we have even seen him vacationing with his partner, Claudia Rattigan.