Bounty mourns long-time engineer and friend

Dancehall superstar Bounty Killer has taken to social media to mourn the life of his good friend and long time sound engineer Donald ‘Tixie’ Dixon.

In a post on his Instagram, the Seaview Gardens native called him “mi real engineer bredda from Jammy’s days’.

In an emotional post, Killer related that Dixon played a major role in him being the artiste he is today. “Rest well with the ancestors my friend and brother Donald ‘Tixie’Dixon.

A u bus mi in a the music n for that I am forever grateful. Far me and u a come from. Nuff big works we mash. When Delly asked u to take mi under u wings u never hesitated and even when mi bus out u still never left mi side” he wrote of the contributions made to his early development. 

He continued in the tribute with “any thing I had a problem with u never itch fi help me. U played major role in a bread back productions. Not just me but the music has lost another great icon. So many memories shared together and none of them and mi give thanks mi never waited till u pass off to tell u thanks for all what you have done for me” Killer lamented.

He went to to speak about some of the other accomplishments of the engineer indicating that he kept out of the spotlight.

“Nuff youths mi witnessed u helped in a the music both artist n producers. If a never u nuff producers wouldn’t have Sizzla pon dem tape. U a great youth in a music just sad u never get the glory u deserved. Any one who nuh know u just a come in a music. Rest well mi brother. Tixie the great left handed engineer and producer. Very kind hearted. Member u use to buy mi lunch everyday n when u couldn’t u would just buy one n just share it with mi. nuff memories” he wrote in a post with a memorial tract of Dixon.

The 47 year old died after losing his battle with cancer on the 8th of April. However prior to this he lived a long and accomplished life in the music business.

He worked as an engineer for a number of years at Anchor Recording Studio.

During his time he worked with the likes of Sizzla, Bunny Wailer, Anthony B, Lady G and others. Sizzla also lamented his passing when he wrote on Instagram “great engineer Tixie R.I.P nuff works you do fah wi as artistes in this music industry”.

He was buried on Sunday.