Bow Wow vows to ‘step up’ following arrival of son

Rapper Bow Wow confirmed rumours that he was a father again when he dropped a photo on Twitter of his infant son with model girlfriend Olivia Sky.

Rapper Bow Wow has confirmed he is a father for he second time.

“Man you gone take all the girls,” tweeted Bow Wow, who shared a picture of the adorable tot.  

However, prior to the formal announcement, social media was abuzz with the news following a hint in the 33-year-old’s latest single D.W.M.O.D. (Dealing With My Own Demons)

In the single, a snippet of which he shared on his Instagram page, Bow Wow pledges to “step up” for his son.

The snippet shared begins with Bow Wow Talking to his nine-year-old daughter, Shai Moss, who he revealed had been “asking about her brother”.

“I don’t know what to say / That’s gonna be one of them talks we have face to face / I’m looking in his eyes, I’m trying to see me in ’em / I’m peeping on the swag and see the resemblance / Seen the boy three times, why would I lie? / Baby mom brings him through so we can spend some time / And if he’s mine, I’m stepping up / Kobe set that example, you know I send my blessings up / I told you dealing with me was going to be hard to do (facts),” raps Bow Wow.

Bow Wow captioned the Drake-style tune, “I’m finally letting you guys in. Don’t do interviews really but i put my life in my music the answers are there if you LISTEN carefully.”

Sky first shared a photo of the baby online wearing a dog-themed onesie with the Instagram Story cpationed: “dawg for life”.

Olivia announced her pregnancy in July declining to share details about the child’s father