Brad Pitt: ‘Hubris gets me in trouble’

Brad Pitt

Hollywood A-list actor Brad Pitt has revealed that excessive pride or self-confidence has been a central theme in much of his on-screen work, and it’s also something that’s been an issue in his off-screen life.

Asked whether there’s a theme in his work, Brad explained: “I’m noticing a theme of hubris.”

Se7en is a character who sees the world very black and white, and doesn’t see beyond his own spectrum. He doesn’t see what’s coming and he doesn’t understand,” Pitt added.

“I see it in Burn After Reading. There’s a hubris. There’s an idiocy, but I see hubris. And there was hubris in the character in ‘Babel’. It’s the hubris that everything’s always gonna be alright, and not valuing the ones around him. I think that’s a theme,” he said.

Brad, 56, added that hubris has always been an issue for himself personally, and the US more generally.

Despite this, the American star remains quite rapt by the concept.

He told Collider: “Hubris has always gotten me in trouble. I think it’s the thing that gets our nation in trouble. It’s something I’ve been rather fascinated with, along the way.”

Meanwhile, Brad credited one person in particular for his career success.

The movie star explained that his approach to acting was guided by the late Ray London.

Asked whether he ever took any acting classes, he shared: “I did. It took me a bit to find someone that really spoke to me, and I found a brilliant guy named Ray London, who’s no longer with us.”

“He shaped a lot of people’s careers, like Hank Azaria, Geena Davis and Sharon Stone. I was really lucky to land there, and he really pointed me in a nice direction,” Pitt contended.