Brad Pitt wanted to be a ‘rockstar’ when he was a child

American actor Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt wanted to be a “rockstar”.

The Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood star admits he sings “very badly” and joked he had to change his career path to compensate.

Asked if he has a karaoke song, he told W magazine: “No. I sing very badly. Animals flee. I can start stampedes. As a kid, I had the rockstar fantasy, but I couldn’t sing or play any instruments, so I had to go to the next best thing.”

“As a kid, I had the rockstar fantasy.”

— Brad Pitt

Meanwhile, Brad previously revealed he plans to make “fewer” movies and instead plans to step behind the camera to work with his production company Plan B, as well as on his hobbies, including sculpting and landscaping.

He said: “It’ll be fewer and farther in between for me, just because I have other things I want to do now. When you feel like you’ve finally got your arms around something, then it’s time to go get your arms around something else.”