Brand Marco: A breath of fresh air in Jamaica’s fashion industry

Marcus Lecky poses with these women who are wearing his designs. 
Brand Marco
Marcus Lecky poses with these women who are wearing his designs. (Contributed)

When he was only a child, Marcus Lecky developed a love for fashion designing. That passion has since pushed him to be one of the top players in Jamaica’s fashion industry through his company, Brand Marco.

Marcus, who describes his brand as a breath of fresh air, has managed to style and secure the trust of some of Jamaica’s top and well-known celebrities like Taurus Riley, Jada Kingdom, Aidonia, Ghost and Govana.

While Brand Marco is now an established line, Marcus did not achieve this feat overnight. He started sewing when he was only nine years old, as he learnt the trade from his father, who was a well-known tailor in his hometown.

Brand Marco also caters to men.
Brand Marco also caters to men.

He told BUZZ that while he didn’t receive any formal training for his craft, his innate drive and enthusiasm for designing made him the successful man he is today.

“I think I was born with the ability and technique to sew because most of the things that I am doing now is self-taught. I never went to school, never received any training,” he shared.

And although he has no formal training in the field, Marcus plans to teach at his own accredited classes. He also wants to create unique pieces in bulk and have his customers come to his store and purchase them.

It is not uncommon for Brand Marco to design bold pieces.
It is not uncommon for Marcus Lecky to design bold pieces.

Until those dreams are achieved, Marcus intends to stay relevant in the fashion industry which he has been part of for almost four decades.

“My ideas set me aside from any other fashion designer brand. Trying to do things that have never been done yet, trying not to copy anything and if I do copy something, I do it differently and add my twist to it,” the fashion entrepreneur revealed.

See more pieces from Brand Marco in the gallery below.

Interestingly, originality is one of the things he believes is lacking in Jamaica’s fashion industry.

“I’ve realised that most of the designers in Jamaica, when they are copying a look, they either spoil it or they copy the exact thing,” he lamented.

Written by Andre Cooper