Breaking up is hard to do…

All that mad love you had suddenly turned into mad hate and resentment when the dearest love of your life decides to give up on you the easy way by saying ‘it’s over’. Or maybe he did something pretty darn stupid or irrational like cheat on you.

In some cases, the break-up was unexpected. However, in other instances, you might have known that the end was inevitable based on how chaotic things have been over the past few months.

Whatever it is, boss the hell up, stop sobbing, clean your running nose, wipe those tears, and let us help you through this horrible period in your life with a few tips.

Start loving you

‘Breaking up is hard to do’ is not just a line from the 1960s hit by Neil Sedaka. It is a harsh reality that most of us will face at some point in our lives. Although it is hard, it is not impossible to get over a bad break up. But now is the time to focus on YOU! Go shopping, put on some make-up, look pretty, take cute selfies and post on your Instagram, watch a movie, bake a cake, spoil yourself, go the extra mile for you and put YOU first. You will not only learn how to enjoy your own company, but you will probably get to find out some cool facts about you that you were too busy to notice while catering to the needs of ‘that ex’.

Hang out with friends

Take a look outside… the sun is still shining (hopefully, it’s not a rainy day), the sky is still blue, birds are still chirping, the only thing that’s not the same is the fact that you are now letting precious time pass you by. I’m sure your friends must understand how distraught you must feel, and maybe you don’t want anyone showing pity, so you want to stay alone. Stop. I mean it. Shove that pride back up from whence it came, and let your friends help you through a rough situation.

Accept the harsh reality

It’s hard, but it will be even harder to live with that bitterness. So, be mature and accept that it is over. Acceptance of the situation proves that you are mature and levelheaded. So, forgive that ex and drop stress.

Written by Shavenya. Smikle