BREDS basketball camp in Treasure Beach was a big success

The recently concluded 7th edition of the BREDS Treasure Beach Foundation/ Philadelphia Men’s Basketball League camp held at the Treasure Beach Sports Park in St Elizabeth was a big success.

This year saw close to 1200 children and young adults from surrounding communities participating in the 5-day basketball camp.

Seven years ago the camp began with just 25 coaches and 250 campers.
This year’s staging saw 50 coaches raising funds to donate 1,000 pairs of sneakers, basketball jerseys, shorts and socks.

Speaking on this latest initiative by Jason Henzell and his team, Makhulu said :  “Jason Henzell continues to lead the way in efforts made to transform a community for the better. Environmentally conscious measures, children’s well being, entertainment, sport, literature  –  you name it Jason executes well thought out  events that make Treasure Beach the place to come to.

Jamaica should appreciate him and learn from him.”