Bridgerton is Netflix’s biggest series ever

Bridgerton is Netflix’s crown jewel for its 2020-2021 season. Thanks to you and all your friends that binged the hit series, Bridgerton has become Netflix’s biggest ever.

After it premiered just 28 days ago, the show hit a record of 82 million households around the world. Similar to past Netflix ratings, the 82 million households comprise 82 million Netflix accounts that chose to watch at least two minutes of Bridgerton in that time period. Even if there are multiple individual user profiles within one account that watched more than two minutes of the first season multiple times, Netflix only counts that as one household view.

The show made the top 10 in every country except Japan — hitting number one in 83 countries including the US, UK, Brazil, France, India, and South Africa,” reads a Netflix blog post.

“Indeed, the success of Bridgerton propelled the books into The New York Times bestseller lists for the first time, and 18 years after they were first published.”

Bridgerton marks the first scripted Shondaland series for Netflix after producer Shonda Rhimes struck her massive deal.

And we can’t even wait for season two which will be based on the second book in Julia Quinn’s series of romance novels.