Bring her on a real date: A ‘when am I seeing you’ message isn’t enough

Recently, a funny meme in circulation started quite a stir, as it spoke about how some men make an effort to do things with women they are interested in while others may do less than the basics. These lazier men tend to blow up your phone with messages like ‘WYD’ or ‘so when am I seeing you?” as if that counts as genuine concern.

Let us analyse what ‘so when am I seeing you’ actually means. In literal terms, it refers to when will we next meet face to face, but the substantive subtext of that text is when are you bringing the little ‘supm supm’ for me? For a woman, it is little better than a booty call. It ranks below ‘what are you doing’ but is a grade above ‘you busy tonight?’. So generally, it is a question a guy would ask a friend with benefit but not his girlfriend or longtime partner.

Why? Because ‘seeing you’ connotes something casual. It is as simple as that, and therefore, a woman should recognise what a man is willing to bring to the table. Is it only ‘cod’ and cuddling or can he be supportive outside of the bedroom and actually use the brain he was blessed with to conjure up ideas on how to make their relationship thrive?

A man who has real interests will plan an actual date that does not involve Netflix. He would want to be seen as both adventurous and spontaneous. He would probably take her rafting, and while cruising on the tranquil sea of love, he would break out a mini picnic complete with mimosas, strawberries and Belgian chocolate, all of which can be purchased at any half-decent supermarket.

A little coordinating and a simple trip can make a girl feel like a queen because what every woman wants even more than money, possibly even more than a commitment, is attention and effort. Effort. A word with six little letters but endless possibilities.

This is why settling for ‘when am I seeing you’ is not enough. It holds no real significance for the future. It is momentary, and only some giddy schoolgirl would get excited seeing that message. Guys should be held accountable to either step up their game or step off. Instead of ‘when am I seeing you’ or ‘WYD’, how about seeing her with some flowers in hand. If that is too much trouble or effort, he should be seeing the back of your heels as you walk away.

— Written by C.W.

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