Bring out the sexy in you with pieces from Fitz By Keeyz

Venessa Valentine, Owner, Fitz By Keeyz

Every woman harbours the desire to be and feel sexy, and that’s what 26-years-old Venessa Valentine wanted to tap into when she created her clothing brand, Fitz by Keeyz two years ago.

Quite a stunner herself, Valentine explained that she was always a fashionista who understood the power of clothes in bring ‘the sexy’ out.

Valentine has always had a love for fashion

 “I’ve always loved fashion, always had an idea of what I wanted to wear to wherever I was going, and I always wanted something that’d fit perfect,” she said.

But designing pieces was a gift she discovered by chance.

Self taught designer

“I had a tailor that used to make my clothes, he said I had a knack for fashion, and I should try making clothes,” she said.

Every woman wants to be sexy

She tried and succeeded. Working from her home in Spanish Town, St Catherine, Valentine creates pieces that she describes as “sexy and fresh”

“Nothing is wrong with being sexy, that’s how every woman wants to feel,” she said.

Valentine is inspired by the female body

Adding that she gets her inspiration from the female body, and the fabric itself.  

“The fabric basically speaks to me, once I see a fabric, it tells me exactly what should be made from it,” she said.

“Nothing is wrong with being sexy, that’s how every woman wants to feel”

— Valentine

The former nail technician also told BUZZ that she has always aspired to be an entrepreneur, and is happy to be living her dream.

Get pieces like this from Fitz By Keeyz

“I’ve learnt to be patient and that believing in yourself is all you need, never give up even when you feel like you’re losing, and to be humble,” she said.

Her pieces cost start at $7000, and Valentine offers both local and international deliveries.

Can’t go wrong with red

Although her business is relatively young, Valentine is counting on longevity, fuelled by the lessons she has learnt along the journey.

“Concentrate on you, never give up, be original, you’ll eventually get there. You will have to make sacrifices, but they will be well worth it,” she said.