Bring your own bags: Kanye leaves Kim hanging in an elevator

In your face – literally.

A viral video of Kanye West leaving his wife, Kim Kardashian West, in an elevator to carry shopping bags has left people equally in stitches from laughing, and shaking their heads sympathetically for Kimberly.

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The verdict is out on Kanye’s behaviour? (Photo: DailyDot)

The couple has been country-hopping since Valentine’s Day and recently went to Paris, France, to munch on some KFC and cop the latest fashion on the Parisian market. 

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The love of KFC is international. (Photo: The Sun)

But this international date night went awry when the couple stepped in a transparent elevator, and engaged in a kissing session captured by the paparazzi…or for the paparazzi knowing the Kardashian clan.

When the elevator stopped, a smiling Yeezy bolted out the doors, leaving Kim seemingly discombobulated as she bent to gather her shopping bags one by one.

This isn’t the first time Kanye has left Kim hanging. The couple attended the NBA all-star game on February 16 and had an awkward moment when the kiss-cam came their way.

Kim, in all her poise and grace, waved to the camera and blew a kiss to watchers, before turning to her husband and blowing him an air kiss. Kanye, emotionless, was too focused on the game to realise what was happening and return his wife’s affection. 

Upon realising the camera was on him, Kanye popped a half-smile, and Kim swooped in to kiss her hubby on the cheek. Tragic.

While we don’t have access to the pillow talks in the West household to know if Kanye was deliberately being a douche, we do know that the couple has not been known to show much PDA, so Kanye may very well be innocent.

As for the shopping bags? You can leave your thoughts below on that one.