British couple spends £3,500 to bring stray dog from Barbados home

Georgia Harding with Simba

British couple, Georgia Harding and her boyfriend Sam Blackburn were on holiday in Barbados when they saw a dog slumped on the roadside looking like “just skin and bones”.

Horrified, they decided to do something about it.

“We took him to the vet who said he was being eaten alive by ticks and wouldn’t last 48 hours, but we saved him,” Harding told the Liverpool Echo.

“Every day his confidence grew, his health improved and we could see he was in with a fighting chance,” she added.

But the dog, now called Simba was not the only malnourished dog the couple found. However, they managed to give the other one away to a family in Barbados after advertising them in a Facebook post. Simba, unfortunately, did not get a home because of the state he was in.

“I was distraught and couldn’t leave him,” Harding said. “We got him chipped, treated and managed to get it sorted so that he could come home with us.”

Simba needed to be held in isolation for 21 days but eventually made it home with his new parents last week.

But he has a broken paw that requires expensive surgery or leg amputation.

Georgia and her boyfriend have already paid around £3,500 to get Simba into the country.

The additional surgery, post operational therapy and medicine is going to cost them an additional £8,200, so the couple have set up a GoFundMe to help save Simba’s leg.

So far generous well-wishers have raised £3,500.