British Royal Navy change rule to allow Rastafarians to keep their dreadlocks and beard

Rastafarians in the Royal Navy

The Royal Navy in the United Kingdom has changed the archaic rule that prevented Rastafarians from serving in the Navy with their dreadlocks and beards.

Previously Rastafarians were not allowed to join the Royal Navy because their dreadlocks and beards gave them the stereotype of being drug users. And the Royal Navy has zero tolerance with drug users.

But even with this victory, The Defence Rastafarian Network, a organisation formed to provide support to its members, and counteract what it views as“incorrect information” on the internet, has said work is still required to break the myths around drug use and ethnicity regarding Rastafarianism.

The cultural and religious movement originated in Jamaica, and is the fastest growing faith in the armed forces. Not shaving and growing one’s hair is a sign of solidarity and strength in the religion.

BUZZ Fam, do you think that Jamaica, the birthplace of Rastafarianism will follow the United Kingdom’s lead and allow Rastas to join the security forces?