Bromfield talks losing mom and enduring worst season to securing bronze for Jamaica at Olympics

Olympian Junelle Bromfield.

Jamaican Olympian Junelle Bromfield left the Olympic Games in Tokyo with a bronze medal.

It is an amazing accomplishment for the 23-year-old who took to  social media on Tuesday (August 10) to share that the journey to getting the  bronze medal in the 4X400 mixed relays was far from easy.

According to the athlete, the year started off on a low note for her,  as her mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

It was a diagnosis that was almost missed, Bromfield explained; sharing that her mother had been receiving treatment for something else.

Junelle and her late mother

“January 2021 my mother got diagnose with stage four cervical cancer after being sick and in the hospital for 2 month prior [and ] being treated for something that she did not have,” said Bromfield online.

“I spent most of my January traveling from Kingston to St Elizabeth to spend time with her before the inevitable happened,” she added.

To make matters worse, Bromfield explained that despite her best efforts during her training, she seemed stuck at running a time of 54.3.

According to Bromfield, she arrived at the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA) Championships feeling defeated and demotivated.

However it is in the minutes before running at the championships, that Bromfield, through prayer, was able to pick herself up out of a horrible place and into a position of triumph.

“I got on my knees for the first time since my mother passed crying and praying l said “God  have you forsaken me ?  After taking me this far have you forgotten me,” Bromfield recounted to her online audience.

“After working so hard will I not reap my reward ?”  But  the mind of a man plans his way, but the Lord  directs his steps . After praying for years ‘stillita’  getting a little worst every season just praying  to run 51 to make a national team . I got a 50.7 because that would be enough to be a part of the Jamaica n Olympic team,”she added.

Bromfield attributed her turning point to the prayer noting that while the journey was long and painful, she was greatful.

The grateful Bromfield told her audience that this was just the beginning for her  adding  that she is the future.